Back to Basics!

Cooking and any food related activity, including eating, has always been a passion of mine. I remember when I was really little, my favorite place in the house was in the kitchen, standing on a chair at the counter, and watching my mom work her magic getting the family dinner ready. At that age, the only thing that I could really do was stand there and wait to taste the batter on the spatula. I usually got more on my face than anywhere else! It is easy enough to assume that watching mom make those delicious meals, from recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, is what sparked my interest.

My all-time favorite things to make with mom were cakes. We would make them using old Mennonite recipes, not usually using the store bought box mix. The science behind how much of a certain ingredient was used fascinated me. If you didn’t add enough baking soda, the cake will not rise and how flour is needed in just about EVERY recipe. I remember mom measuring everything out and giving it to me to add into the mixing bowl. You always had to be extra careful when putting the flour in or there would be a mushroom cloud of white powder, resulting in thin layer on the counter and anything else on it. As the years went on, I became more and more independent in the kitchen. I still remember practicing the one handed egg cracking method, which took a lot of time and a lot of eggs. It also became a method for me to relieve stress! When I find myself under a lot of pressure or stress, I just grab a recipe, ingredients and anything else needed. When you have something bogging you down or a problem you cannot figure out, what is a better way to breathe than making something delicious that you have to follow a structured process through?

It is easy to take the lessons you learn in the kitchen to apply them in real life situations. I enjoy looking at a problem like a recipe; you have to first find all of the ingredients and then follow the steps to your final product. This blog is going to stand for one of my first passions, eating. I will be going around and documenting different eating experiences, interviewing different people in the dining and food world, and trying my hand at a handful of different recipes. I am excited to get this blog started and I hope that you all stick along and follow me through my adventures in dining!

As for now, I figured I should leave the evidence of everything that I wrote about before. It wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t see little Ethan stuffing his face with cake (I had really poor aim) or helping out in the kitchen, right? Also, I would like to give a shout out to my mom; let’s just say the recipes were not the only “Mennonite” aspect in the kitchen (really, a bowl-cut hair cut?)

Enjoy and bon appétit!





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